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What’s missing?

Small f2 WR PRO primes ala Fujicron.

Yep, the whole idea of a tiny weather sealed body makes a lot more sense when there are tiny weather sealed lenses to go with it.

Nail on head! The irony is that I’ve invested in the 17mm and 45mm 1.2 Pro lenses, simply because they are sensational. But they tend to live on my non WR Pen-F........

Yes, and when used some PRO lenses, may it be zooms or f1.2 primes, the size difference looks like this.

I know it’s daft isn’t it? what’s the point of the new EM5-3 and WR if their are no small and good WR lenses to put on it? ๐Ÿ˜‚

There's a couple, fewer than I'd like but still... The upcoming PL25 II seems like one of the better options. Sigma's may not be as robustly sealed but the 56/1.4 is no larger than the PL25 and also has a gasket at the mount at the very least, there's also the 60/2.8 macro, the 8/1.8 fisheye, and the Sigma 16/1.4 (granted that one's just as large as the Oly Pro primes).

I preordered the PL25 II almost out of principle (almost, I've used/borrowed the original a lot so I know what I'm getting). I'd been saying for ages a sealed PL25 II just made sense (still carries a premium, just less so, easier to update since it's plastic), and I wanted a sealed prime smaller than my 17/1.2 so... We'll see how I get along with 25mm as a FL in the long run.

Yes, PL 25/1.4 ii is good option. I’ll buy one too. Still, it hardly makes E-M5.3 any more pocketable than E-M1.2, as you need a bag anyway.

To me it makes a bigger difference than that image would suggest... But if what you're looking is something downright pocketable then you might be looking for a while, I'm not aware of many pancake primes in other systems that are weather sealed and even the smallest of non-pancakes would protrude past the E-M1 II grip.

I carry my E-M5 II in a waist pack (worn sling style) pretty often, it wraps all around the camera body and depending on what else I'm throwing in there I might even bag it with a pancake mounted and then swap when I'm shooting. The extra grip and general bulkiness of say a G85 or even the E-M1 II makes a world of difference not easily shown by that top-down comparison.

Oh and as an aside, the grass isn't always greener... Fuji might make small WR primes but AFAIK the X-T2/3 and X-Pro 2 are still their only WR bodies (well, and the X-H1), which are both larger and more expensive at $1,500, it's kinda ironic (almost cruel heh).,650,800,ha,f,650.596,800.596,ha,t

Yes, I have X-T3 and itโ€™s currently 1099e with fuji casback (normal price 1299e), so itโ€™s actually the same or even cheaper than E-M5.3 will be. But this is a different story and topic

And it’s of course true that even though E-M3.5 and e.g. PL25mm/1.4ii is not pocketable, the combo is still a bit lighter than with E-M1.2. Does this make a difference? It’s subjective.

Not sure how the currency conversion factors in (Oly might be screwing one market or the other in that regard), but in the US the X-T3 is still more expensive even with the current promo that brought it down to $1,300 (and I hadn't seen that go in effect, I wasn't trying to be disingenuous FWIW), vs the E-M5 II at $1,200 USD.

My point was more about the size than the price tho, almost every other brand (I wasn't necessarily picking on Fuji, I hate that Pana does this as well etc.) makes you opt for a larger body for weather sealing, and in Fuji's case it's ironic because they're making some of the smallest sealed primes around. For people eyeing those f2 WRs longingly it's pretty relevant to consider the whole combo.

Do I wish M4/3 had more sealed primes tho? Abso-fking-lutely. Just as I wish Fuji had brought IBIS down throughout the rest of their lineup.

Gaskets add mm.

No way getting around that.

Minimally so, in most cases it's simply a choice different manufacturers have made to only put weather sealing into larger and/or more expensive bodies (just like with M4/3 lenses!), not a matter of needing that much more space.

The E-M10 line is virtually the same size as the E-M5, yet the latter is weather sealed and the former is not. Pana has chosen never to put weather sealing on any of their smaller GX bodies even as the price of the GX9 shot up to $1K where you often expect to see that as a feature (heck they kit it with a weather sealed zoom, thankfully the price has come down a few hundred since last year).

Don't give them that out IMO, just like most people in the thread aren't giving M4/3 lens makers an excuse to offer sealing mostly in the larger/pricier Pro/PL lenses when it's clearly possible in smaller lenses (PL25 II, 60/2.8, Fuji's f2 line, etc.).

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