Does Apple iPhone XS Max support RAW (DNG) format?

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Re: Does Apple iPhone XS Max support RAW (DNG) format?

Pavel Muller wrote:

Thank you so much jst13. I took a look at your photos on Flickr - they are a joy to look at.

I am a fairly experienced photographer and I am looking for a DSLR-like app for iPhone XS Max that would of course feature DNG support. Can you advise?


Halide and Moment are considered the best. However, shooting in RAW is a waste of time IMO. The images off my 11 pro looked dull in RAW, as they usually do. It takes too much time to sit there messing with each one in LR just to get it to match the way the JPG looks SOOC. I'll take the slightly over sharpened JPGs off the stock camera. The DR is also much better when I compare images taken in the stock app vs Halide or Moment. Im sure this is because the stock app takes multiple shots and combines them to give you the best DR and Deep Fusion is awesome. You dont get that shooting in RAW with a 3rd party camera app. The only time I ever use Halide is when there is a tricky lighting situation and I need to take control over my shutter speed and ISO, but that was only maybe a handful of times with my XS Max and 11 pro is even better at reading a scene, doubt I'll need it.

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