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Re: No lens announcements?

Doug Janis wrote:

Androole wrote:

Doug Janis wrote:

Androole wrote:

Doug Janis wrote:

HRC2016 wrote:

Oly put out a vague roadmap in January. It left a lot of people scratching their heads.

It would be great to know what's next.

I hope something is released before the spring release of the 150-400.

We know what's next. The 150/400/4.5 in early 2020.

But what about the rumoured 8-25mm/f4 PRO? Or the consumer grade super-tele to compete with the PL100-400mm?

There was a bunch of stuff on the roadmap that people would love to know more about.

The 8-24/4 is just a patent. Think 5 years before we see that as every company, even using standardized focal lengths, has to develop their own proprietary lens formula for intellectual property reasons.

It's not just a patent, it's on the roadmap, plain as day. "Wide Zoom Lens" with the exact right focal range.

Those are just common and standard FLs put in for potential "holding".

The ones with actual numbers are in real world development.

You say that, but then Olympus released the 12-200mm/f3.5-6.3 which fit directly into the range described by the "High Magnification Zoom Lens."

I'm not saying the 8-25/f4 is a guarantee, but there's good evidence that's piling up to suggest that it's a real product.

The next release is clearly noted.

Just look at the silliness of the "Bright Prime Lens" holding text indicating a massive potential range. Given it's a prime, we actually have no idea....

Given the dramatically shrinking dedicated camera market we can expect only 1-2 lenses (including remakes) per year from Olympus going forward. If the market isn't growing, then the lens inventory will not grow either.

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