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What’s missing?

Small f2 WR PRO primes ala Fujicron.

Yep, the whole idea of a tiny weather sealed body makes a lot more sense when there are tiny weather sealed lenses to go with it.

Nail on head! The irony is that I’ve invested in the 17mm and 45mm 1.2 Pro lenses, simply because they are sensational. But they tend to live on my non WR Pen-F........

Yes, and when used some PRO lenses, may it be zooms or f1.2 primes, the size difference looks like this.

I know it’s daft isn’t it? what’s the point of the new EM5-3 and WR if their are no small and good WR lenses to put on it? 😂

Because not that small for the trade-off in max aperture:

Except that f1.2 on M4/3 is equivalent to just under f/1.6 on APS-C.

And the 17mm/f1.2 still has higher resolving power at all apertures than any 23mm lens in Fuji's system when normalized for image height (lw/ph).

Let’s not talk about equivalences, please!?! Not again! I’m just saying Olympus should make some small PRO primes to complement small WR body. f1.2 PRO primes are excellent but quite big.

The Olympus f/1.2 PRO lenses with WR are their development response meeting BOTH the PRO needs of faster glass and WR.

Compared to a Fuji WR f/2, they are "close enough" in form.

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