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Re: No lens announcements?

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What’s missing?

Small f2 WR PRO primes ala Fujicron.

How useful are small primes in rain? You can't mount lens shade long enough to protect front element from water drops which will ruin image. Tele lenses have deep shades and have no such issue.

You don't need much, but anything in the 35-50mm equivalent (I'd actually love a weather-sealed 40-45mm as my first choice) would be useful for rainy night photography, which makes for gorgeous images.

And you can pretty easily have a usable lens hood, it just needs to be a big one. The limiting factor is not the physical size, it's making sure that the angle is large enough that it doesn't get in the way. The best way is a large rubber, collapsible hood - you just need to make sure that it subtends a >60 degree angle so that it doesn't get in the picture.

Olympus has that.

It's the f/1.2s stopped down.

Meh, I own a 17/1.2 and I love it but for people looking at Fuji's f2 WR primes with envy that's not even remotely a decent answer... The PL25 II however, will do the trick, terrible non reversible hood notwhistansing... The flat side of that hood might even pool water drops, tho I've heard the 45/2.8 macro's hood will also work.

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