No lens announcements?

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Re: No lens announcements?

A_Mist wrote:

Vahur Krouverk wrote:

A_Mist wrote:

garryr wrote:

What’s missing?

Small f2 WR PRO primes ala Fujicron.

How useful are small primes in rain? You can't mount lens shade long enough to protect front element from water drops which will ruin image. Tele lenses have deep shades and have no such issue.

I must remaind again that WR means more than just ”rain protection”. I’ve said this before: live in Finland, where it’s real winter for at least 3-4 months a year, and rainy springs and autumns. Actually rainy summers too I regularly use my cameras in -20 or even -30 degrees celsius. At those temperatures camera often gets covered with ice, so every bit of added resistance is a plus.

I live bit south from Finland so I've seen snow ;). But for most people weather resistance means protection against water and dust.

For low temperatures small things don't work anyway as their handling with gloves is problematic. E-M1 is in usability borderline with gloves, also small lenses become problematic to handle or hold.

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