Is this dirt on my sensor?

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Extremely minor, I would not be concerned

Atomicherry wrote:

I have taken some test photos at f/22 and i could see two slightly darker gray circles? i can also see it in f/20 but only if i view it at a 100 percent

it doesn't look like any of the sensor dirt i seen in other photos online and it doesn't go away when i use the sensor cleaning function in my camera and always shows up in the same place

if it matters it's a panasonic gx85 with a PANASONIC 25MM F/1.7 lens

You can clearly see it if you make it fullscreen one is at the right side in the middle and the other at the bottom right closer to the middle same thing shows up in every photo i taken at f/22

I needed to zoom in to 100% on the images where you circled the areas to see them.

Those are very, very, very minor dust spots.

If it requires that you shoot at f/22 to make them as faintly visible as they are, I would say that they are of zero concern in real world shooting.

Unless you are shooting extreme macro (i.e. 1:1 magnification or greater) it is good generalized advice to never shoot at f/22 on M4/3 camera.

The number of circumstances where you will actually need to shoot even at f/11 will be very small, and will almost always involve long telephoto lenses, macro focusing distances, or both (if using diopters).

I would say to ignore for now, unless it pops up as being clearly noticeable in real world photos. If so, try a dust blower, but I really wouldn't worry myself over it in your circumstance.

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