EM5-3 vs Pen-F for jpeg centric street shooter

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EM5-3 vs Pen-F for jpeg centric street shooter

Firstly, if you only shoot Raw it's best to skip this thread, nothing to see here.

Let's continue.....

I've followed all the threads on the EM5-3 with interest and of course the consensus is you get most of the EM1-2 in a smaller form factor. What I've not seen much about is comparisons to the Pen-F.

Since circa 2005 I shot Raw only, this continued in 2018 when I sold all my Nikon gear and went M43 with an EM1-2 and Pro lenses. I continue to love my EM1-2 and continue to only shoot Raw with it.

I then added a Pen-F and had a "Eureka" moment. The jpeg engine on the Pen-F is a thing of beauty, especially for street.

The way I use the Pen-F is that I have a custom B&W mode tweaked from "monochrome 2" plus filter saved to C1, a custom colour profile based on Kodachrome saved to C2 and "straight" colour by simply moving the front colour dial to default position.

Most shots are never post processed, the OOC jpegs are that good from the Pen-F. Sensational actually. I do, however, shoot Raw + jpeg SF by default.

The beauty of that is that if you have an especially good keeper, or one you wish to print large, you can open the Raw in Olympus Workspace and have those unique jpeg profiles applied to the Raw, export as Tiff and then carry on your way. Best of both worlds.

That only works with Raws originated on the Pen-F though. I've tried to reproduce the same effect using EM1-2 Raws within Workspace and it doesn't give the same result.

So that brings me back to the Pen-F vs the EM5-3 (and the EM1-2 come to think of it)

1. Did that unique colour science die with the Pen-F?

2. Did Olympus miss a trick by not porting the Pen-F colour science into the EM5-3? (or is it there and I've missed it?)

3. Are Olympus missing another trick by not making those gorgeous profiles truly available to non Pen-F (but native Olympus) Raws within Workspace?

4. Or have I just got the whole thing wrong and I'm missing a trick somewhere?

In short, my EM1-2 isn't going anywhere. But for street, city work and some travel the EM5-3 MIGHT have been my dream camera, with PDAF and WR added over the Pen-F. But it appears not?

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