Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

"You sound like a prime candidate for an RX100. Good 150-200g primes/zooms are not happening, at least from Sony."

Perhaps, when it'll run gcam7 in Night Mode... or more intensive CP directly in camera - to compete with pixel4, P30, iphone11 etc..

Ha, I just made this suggestion elsewhere. I would probably ditch ILCs completely if such a camera were made.

Many younger gents are asking about 'real' cameras (sensors 1" and larger) with phone-like CP features (not the decade-old DRO, HDR etc.)... The demand was there since a few yrs already, w/o any such product yet.

And yet, whenever i talk with a camera pundit (designer, engineer, exec), they quickly recite their bucket list: Sensor readout speed, much larger memory, faster CPU, heat, battery life, s/w complexity, IP cross-licensing, cost of AI gurus to tune the new algos for the larger lenses and sensors... etc.

All valid points. Behind all the excuses and posturing, it seems that the Japanese camera makers are reluctant to open Pandora's box of CP => What if such 1" P&S cameras will compete with FF (high margin main staple product lines) and even larger formats...?

Would anybody else (other than pros) buy the old school (brute-force) cameras, and especially critical, the multi-K$ super-fast lenses coming out now for them?

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