85mm 1.8 S vs 85mm 1.4 G lens comparison

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Re: 85mm 1.8 S vs 85mm 1.4 G lens comparison

stimmer wrote:

Yes, setting exactly the same. It was a super quick shoot. I just threw it on aperture priority and shot. I thought I had it on auto iso but maybe not. I agree a faster shutter speed would help.

my thoughts are that I’m more impressed with my 85 1.4 than i thought I would be. Doesn’t make sense for me to keep both so I have a hard decision ahead.

Your G has CA everywhere, where the S has none. Look at his arms/hands, ankles/sneakers and the pots with red flowers in the background, by the stairs, for example.

Only odd thing here is the S should be sharper, but sharpness looks the same, though it looks like it has some blur...was IBIS on? Looks like you got lucky and have a sharp 85 G in your hands. Hardly any difference in bokeh between 1.4 and 1.8 here though, so in that case, what's the point in keeping the G, assuming the S will focus better/faster on a z body?

Also funny how the G has the traditional Nikon green tint, but the S has the opposite tint towards magenta.

What pic control did you use? Try a few more in neutral pic control, higher shutter speed, iso 100, IBIS on normal?

Are these RAWs exported from LR or SOOC JPEGs?

What AF mode did you use?

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