Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Why?

Indeed, Sony's pancakes and 2 kit zooms are quite usable in good light (closed down a few steps), or even with less ideal light - as long as the subject is 'good' (strong geometry, attractive shapes, interesting composition). Ditto for nearly any phone today. Some casual snapshot examples SooC i shot recently, ranging from cheap phone up to a6400: Strong subjects, or good light, or a mixture thereof => Easy shots, IQ a non-issue.

Meggen near Lucern

Lucern, forced long exposure

Detail in lower light

Backyard art of 0.8B$ hotel near Lucern.

Any phone or Sony kit could render these agro-oldies behind Albishaus (my backyard).

Jaguar meeting one evening on Albispass... had only a cheap phone.

and yet even in lower light it got the shapes

...albeit not much subject isolation was possible in a tight/crowded lot.

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