I am eager to get a Z50. Anyone else?

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I am eager to get a Z50. Anyone else?

First of all - some history. Some time ago I've used Sony system. In an unfortunate day I've switched to Sony A7-II (24MP FF). I've bought some lenses for it and used all this for half a year. During this period I realized that I don't like Sony E cameras and I don't like using FF system because of it's set of lenses. Having realized these 2 things I've switched to Nikon, back to APS-C. Currently I am D7500 user.

I enjoy using zooms rather then primes. That;s why I enjoy APS-C cameras. Tamron 16-300 (24-450) cannot be made for FF with reasonable price and size. Sigma 50-100/1.8 is also a unique lens that cannot be replicated on FF. Nikon 16-80/2.8-4 is smaller and gives much better picture then Nikon's FF counterpart 24-120/4. I am happy with my APS-C setup, very happy. (I also have Tokina 12-28/4, but this lens in fact is not a unique one, just a good UWA).

In other hand, FF does not give me anything to lust it for. I don't need any shallower DOF then Sigma 50-100/1.8 gives me. Low light ISO is very close on modern FF and crop cameras, my D7500 is enough for that (I have lots of ISO 10k shots made with it and they are rather clean (thanks to DXO)).

Yet, even being happy with my D7500, I have things I'd like to add. Here is my wishlist:

1. Better af points coverage of the frame

2. Fast AF in Liveview (equally fast with VF)

3. Short flange distance to be able ti use older manual lenses (right now I am using a Fuji for them but I don't really like it)

4. Focus peaking for manual lenses

6. EVF with all that info inside it (yes I like EVF better, I've used them on Sony)

7. Eye AF would be very-very nice!

5. IBIS to stabilize my manuals and sigma 50-100 )

And all of this I want in a COMFORTABLE body (bye-bye Sony) and preferably with same of nearly the same lens setup (bye-bye Fuji). And with good colors and good DR (bye-bye Canon).

A Nikon Z7 would be an ideal camera for me (I can use it as a crop, I'd only replace an UWA for a FF lens, but it costs too much for me. Way too much!

And here comes Z50. It only lacks one thing that I want- IBIS. But everything else is there! And the price is rather affordable! So yes I can already say that I am eager to buy this little new camera and FTZ with it. I am pretty sure I will be switching to it from my D7500.

Anyone else is exited about Z50 as I am?

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