Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

migus wrote:

"much more likely to be using it in the f2- f5.6 range"

+1 : most of my daily subjects are in the densely wooded sub-Alpine area of Central Switzerland, where i live, commute, hike, climb, jog, ski, bike, swim etc. (no more FF cameras and lenses for such activities and me!)

While the wooded hills (500-1600m / 1500-5000 feet elevation) do offer plenty of scenic natural landscapes, particularly under more 'special' conditions (fog, pre/after-storm, dusk/dawn, lower light), it entails Mega-counts of 'noisy' plants, leaves, grass, needles etc.

Lower light (for drama) and mega-counts often exceeding even A7R4's sensor and the sharpness of the best GM lens are a VERY tough subject for a tiny 16-24Mpix APS body with a pancake...

None of the compact Sony "day light" lenses discussed here are any good the moment i enter into e.g., a dense forest during rain or fog - where one needs to shoot fully open in very low light.

Sigma's 1.4 triad would be ideal, and yet it's way too bulky to haul during my activities, all day long. E.g., just my daily commute to/from Lab is ca. 10 miles thru rough / slippery / steep terrain, with short climbing stretches.

hence my wish for compact APS zooms and pancakes of max. 150-200gr, and for better A5x00 bodies (A6400 and even A6000 are too chunky already for just an EVF).

You sound like a prime candidate for an RX100. Good 150-200g primes/zooms are not happening, at least from Sony.

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