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Blurred Fuji images - just a thought on a possible way forward?

As I’m sure most of us are aware there are quite a few reports of unsharp images. Various causes have been suggested: focussing problems, shutter shock, user error and the possible undue susceptibility of certain lens/OIS/camera combinations to vibration/shake. It’s difficult to distinguish between these possible sources of blurred images, especially if they occur in combination and also different folk may suffer from different causes.

From the evidence so far, it seems that Back Button Focussing (BBF) and/or EFC+MS can reduce or even eliminate some or all of the problems.

Used together, these techniques should eliminate (or hopefully very considerable reduce) blurred images, so could I suggest that those of us interested in the problem try using both EFC+MS (or ES) together with BBF in combination (if you are not already doing so) for a few weeks and then report back. Let’s see what, if any, problems remain. (If possible, make sure that focus release is set to on and that OIS is turned off if a tripod is used).

There is an excellent video on setting up BBF (which also works for the X-H1):

Constructive comments 9& results) would be welcomed.


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