Which is better for landscape and BIF photography a7Riii or a7iii?

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Re: Which is better for landscape and BIF photography a7Riii or a7iii?

zBernie wrote:

AZheaven wrote:

zBernie wrote:

I'm considering purchasing the Sony a7iii. But I would think the a7Riii with its 42mp sensor would be better for landscape photography. But I imagine the difference is negligible. I also like to shoot birds in flight, and will eventually get the Sony 200-600mm lens. I also shoot portraits, sports, macro, and other's

One of my concerns is the file sizes produced by a 42mp sensor would be much larger than the a7iii's 24mp sensor. Can someone tell me the size difference for 14bit raw?

So is it a slam dunk to go for the a7Riii over the a7iii, or are their other considerations?


The A7iii does very nice with landscape shots! And also with BIF, though honestly I haven't had the chance to really get out there to get BIF. My file size is about 49mb's with the A7iii. I shoot RAW Uncompressed. Of course with the A7Riii you have the ability to crop more.

I found a post here on DPReview about what you are asking for in wildlife photography.


Wow, 49mb is huge! I wonder how large the files are uncompressed raw for the a7Riii?

And thank you, that thread was very informative.

That's what the info on my Mac says the file size is. I think the A7riii is 62mb's??

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