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inlawbiker wrote:

dibe wrote:

As I said, for me the higher resolution, the new AF and the 4K video are some of the interesting parts. Has anyone see a good review of the 4K video capabilities yet?

Overall I still think it sits alone among its peers. You cannot find this combination of lenses, size, IBIS, weather-sealing, and quality elsewhere.

I say this with irritation because rewarding Olympus at this price is somewhat affronting for a camera that should have come out a year+ ago and cost less. But I still admit it's probably the best choice for me. Price it at $999 sure, I'd probably buy it. $1799 with the 14-150, seriously? Did they mean to say the 12-200 Pro?

I am very pleased they added PDAF. I can imagine there must have been some arguing over it in the Olympus planning meetings but looking at the competition Olympus had no choice, and it's still lagging behind Sony and Nikon.

I would like to think the price will fall quickly but that doesn't tend to happen with Olympus. I suppose that's the price we pay for supporting a niche brand.

Actually, I have come to a similar conclusion..... if I want to shoot Olympus (and I do) than I am going to have to pay a bit more for the opportunity.

However, when earlier this year they upgraded the firmware in my E-M1 II to version 3.1, and in effect gave me a performance boost that I would have gladly paid $2,000 for in a new model camera.....and did it for free, I got more than my money’s worth for paying a bit more up front.

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