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Battery a feature?

Is the battery a feature?

I agree that Olympus was wise to try to consolidate the different batteries, but not sure they needed to make the E-M5mkIII one smaller to match the E-M10 series.

Then again, not sure they could make the body bigger to get the E-M1mkII/X series in there. Yeah, the E-M5mkIII can take the 300 or so shots that the E-M5mkII could, but that is a ho hum note. More shots is better, and this should have been more towards 400.

I've seen a few early review videos today (not seen Robin Wong yet) and none of them have the E-M5mkIII with a neck strap, or any strap. None mention the lug locations down the body, so that is either something they didn't notice or something they were warned to not talk about, despite them saying they aren't under any orders. Since they announce and go to great lengths when they become Ambassadors or Visionary's, I find that hard to believe that they are completely honest in negatives.

Feature for Feature it is a good side-kick or backup for the E-M1mkII (even the X maybe) but now you have 2 different batteries, so that could be big. You can charge the E-M5mkIII with USB which isa good... however, you now have to pack a USB power bank, or pack 1 or 2 backup batteries with the E-M5mkIII so is that package now smaller than putting another E-M1mkII in the same bag. I think not. So I don't think it is great backup, but a good alternate option when you want to carry one camera on a trip instead of the bigger E-M1mkII...

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