Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

Sometimes it's not just how good the shot looks, but whether or not if you even got the shot to begin with. Pancakes are great because they make it easier, and therefore more likely, that we'll even bring a camera along.

The reviews are helpful. In sum, it appears that the Canon is sharper from f2 (of course the Sony doesn't have f2, it starts at f2.8) up through about f5.6. After that it seems like the Sony is actually sharper than the Canon at f11 - f16. Personally I'm much more likely to be using it in the f2- f5.6 range.

From the Canon review:

"It exceeds 1,800 lines per picture height, the figure that we use as a cutoff for an acceptably sharp photo, at every tested aperture. At f/2 it records 2,294 lines, and increases only marginally to 2,331 lines at f/2.8. Resolution peaks at f/5.6, where it notches 2,362 lines. Distortion is completely negligible."

From the Sony review:

"The combination delivers solid image quality. It's not the sharpest tool in the drawer at f/2.8, where we see 1,980 lines per an Imatest evaluation, but it's better than the 1,800 lines we want to see at a bare minimum. Resolution climbs to 2,147 lines at f/4, which is solidly in our range for good performance. There is a drop of clarity as you move away from center, so think about using a narrower aperture for landscapes and similar shots.At f/5.6 it shows a very good 2,238 lines, and it hits excellent territory at f/8 (2,498 lines). Resolution is at its highest, and in our outstanding class for a 24MP camera, at f/11 (2,871 lines). You can stop down as far as f/16, but resolution does take a slight hit (2,555 lines)."

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