16 – 80mm compared to 23mm/2.0 and 55-200mm

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16 – 80mm compared to 23mm/2.0 and 55-200mm

I tested my 16 – 80mm and compared it to my 23mm/2.0 and my 55 – 200mm. In part 2 I will test at 16 mm and I will compare it to my 14mm/2.8.

I used some old test charts, made in 1973. I put them on a wall. You can count the lines in order to say something about resolving power. And you can see the contrast. It is an old fashion way but it does work well!

  1. 23mm is on par with 23mm/2.0 or, at 4.0, even slightly better.
  2. 55mm is on par or even slightly better than my 55-200mm.
  3. 80mm has very low resolving power at the edges and in the corners at f/4.0, f/5.6 and f/8.0. The centre is very good.
  4. 74mm is much better than 80mm and on par with the 55-200mm at 55mm.

I can send back this lens to the store, within 2 weeks. But, as far as I can see now, I will keep this lens. Till 74mm it is a great lens, 75 – 80mm is just bad in the corners. So in fact it is a 16 – 74mm lens. But that sounds not very sexy.

16-80mm 23mm 4.0

16-80mm 23mm 8.0

23mm/2.0 4.0

23mm/2.0 8.0

16-80mm 55mm 4.0

16-80mm 55mm 8.0

55-200mm 55mm 4.0

55-200mm 55mm 8.0

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