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A very, very simple decision

dibe wrote:

Even though many here seem quite underwhelmed about this camera, I am very interested. I have the Mark II and the higher resolution, the much better AF and 4K video are exactly what I am looking for.

Then go for it.

Basically, it's very simple.

If you do not use a battery grip with your Mark II or will not miss it and you also have no need for flash sync port, then Mark III is a no-brainer.

Other than the dumbing down on accessory front and different material used for exterior, it is in every way a better camera.

As I said, for me the higher resolution, the new AF and the 4K video are some of the interesting parts. Has anyone see a good review of the 4K video capabilities yet?

Everything points to video features being almost exactly the same as on E-M1 Mark II. And video on E-M1 II is very good, including top notch AF. It is missing OM-Log400 picture profile but the specs mention Full HD 120fps slo-mo mode, which is something E-M1 II does not have.

In terms of performance, the biggest difference vs E-M1 II seems to be EVF and continuous shooting modes. It's slower, 10 instead of 18 fps silent L, 6 instead of 11 fps with mechanical shutter, 30 instead of 60 fps silent H and 10 mechanical. ProCapture mode got a similar downgrade.

Good news is that it supports UHS-II and can shoot 6fps until the card fills up. So unlike many competitors, it has quite serious action shooter creds (to be verified in practice, of course). Assuming AF performs as well as E-M II with newest firmware, which I think is safe to assume as the important internals are the same.

No idea about EVF lag, refresh rates and blackout. If it is as good as E-M1 II, then it should be a pleasure to shoot action with it. But the combination of slightly smaller magnification and greater eye relief will be great for all glass wearers, as confirmed by the initial reports.

All in all, for a new camera, there's really not much to be weary of. You really know almost exactly what you will get. It's really the minor glitches in the matrix that spoil it for some (like me).

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