The way we chose a camera ...

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The way we chose a camera ...

, In 2013 a camera attracted my attention: the X-E1. A little article about the omission of the anti-alias filter did the rest and I have a closer look.

But don't want to warm up last weeks ham & pea soup.

Then I read this article about the Dunning-Kruger Effect and thought about confidence and how one does interact with other photographers, be it at home - or abroad.

And whether and how this has any bearings on the way we shoot, as confidence goes a long way, in particular with regards to people photography, but also landscapes when there are already 30 other people lined up to take their shot. (Horseshoe Bend, here's looking at you!!). Confidence - as illustrated within the psychology article - can of course backfire when paired with incompetence. But since hardly anybody would buy a Fuji camera if you had no idea about the manual dials, the risk on this occasion might be smaller than average. Dunno.

Anyway, it made me think as to how we interact within the ever so dwindling crowd of people who still use cameras and how we feel about it and then subsequently whether this is helpful. Here is a little post from the Leica forum that triggered all this off:

It appears to me that there is some respect over there for the Fuji line of cameras - and I think for some good reasons. But how does this translate into "better" photos?

Coming back to my reflections regarding the use of the SONY A7III, a more expensive camera than my Fujis, I have to say that I felt sub-confident using the camera. A typical PSAM camera, a SONY (the make TVs, don't they??) like any run-off-the-mill camera. Great execution but hardly engaging. Swapping the 2(3) cameras (had the X-T2 and the A7III plus the RX1RII exotic flower with me that day) I ALWAYS felt that I was starting to use a "real" camera when I picked up the X-T2 ...

Funny that, but true, a brief look at the aperture ring, the ISO and the shutter speed, I simply felt more confident and more like in my own skin there, than using the SONY where all you had to do is frame and click, point & shoot - if you like.

On closer reflection I had to admit that I tended to give those who use certain types of cameras more street cred than others, e.g. meeting somebody using an M240 I didn't feel inferior with my X-Pro2. The same goes for the RX1RII but that is a different story. The RX "behaves" in a similar fashion to the Fujis as the EV comp, the EVF resolution and of course the aperture ring are highly manual (I shoot in aperture mode most of the time so the shutter dial doesn't bother me as much).

But also the same goes "big time" when I meet Fuji shooters. I met a guy in Northern Bali last year who said that all he carried was the X100F. He noticed that I had an X-Pro2 plus the 90/2 and simply said: yes!!!

I stuffed up the framing in this photo here, but don't have the heart to delete it:

Penataran Lempuyang, East-Bali, July 2018 X-Pro2 + 90/2

I said that there was a place for the 90mm over his X100F, but apart from that it was an eye level chat ...

And then there is one of the most camera (NOT phones so much!!!) infested places of the planet: Angkor. There wasn't a single time when I hadn't met a bunch of super-pros there, models, dancers, actors etc. A place where it might matter what gear you use and how people reflect on you, which COULD have some impact on your confidence on the day. Every time I am there (note: every time!!!) I seem to find some interesting people, and feel like I would love to have some considerable time with them, not just one or two snapshots, but maybe 50-100 pics??

And then I can feel like I am being judged, a quick look at my camera, second thoughts about time maybe, then a nod ... (to be fair, the SONY might also get a nod, but I don't feel like it is a set of paint brushes like the Fujis are. Speaking of "Fujis": for this type of exercise, I would ALWAYS prefer the X-Pro2 over the X-Tsomething!!! I LOVE it how there is no name in your face and feel like the X-Pro I feel the most comfortable with.

So I am in for the X-Pro3 if this camera has a large EVF, my only gripe with the Pro2. The woman in the photo below is a dancer from Hanoi, visiting Angkor:

Ta Prohm, Angkor, April 2017 X-Pro2 + 90/2

Sorry was meant to be much shorter and I might have missed my main point here, so summarising it:

Does the camera make you use make you a more confident photographer - or doesn't it matter at all?


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