Continuation of Hands on 5.3

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Continuation of Hands on 5.3

Hi Helen,

I didn't get a chance to answer your questions so I started this ….

gary0319 wrote:
DLBlack wrote:

Have fun handling the E-M5.3 this afternoon. The more I have watched videos about this new camera the more favorable it looks. Yes, there are compromises,. Most to get the size and weight down. Others for keeping cost down. Then there is the odd ones like not having My Menu. It will be a week or two before the Olympus Rep makes his way to the camera store near me. Still a mini E-M1.2 does sound good. Have fun testing the camera this afternoon.

Just returned from my dealer and had a chance to fondle this new one and shoot a bunch of test images with my own card and lenses.

Thanks for this report - I was dying to read it!!

First.....this camera is pretty close to 100%n non-metal, according to my dealer. Not sure what the material is, but it ain't metal. The good news is that it feels solid in in my hand and the ergonomics are as good or better than my E-M10 II (which I took along to compare) and It felt secure with the added depth of the grip. My dealer did say that Olympus has recently scrubbed the reported add on grip for this model.

I'm guessing it's a similar polycarbonate to that used in the E-M10 Mark III. Was it a silver one? If so, going by that lower model, it has a really convincing metallic appearance and feels surprisingly solid - probably one of the better polycarbonate bodies I've come across in its convincing impression of metal.

Well there was an E-M10 III sitting on the counter right next to the 5.3 and the 10.3 looked more like actual metal.

Was the dealer referring to a battery grip? Because the control grip (no battery ability) seems very much a "go". Looking at the number of gold contacts on the socket on the bottom of the camera, I'd say they don't intend to do a power grip.

I asked twice and he stated no grip of any sort at this time...hope he is wrong.

It is both smaller and lighter than my E-M10 II with the added OEM grip that I always have on the 10.2.

I guess you didn't get a chance to compare them with the grip removed from your E-M10 II, then?


No problems with the is reminiscent of the OLED EVF in my Pen F. Easy to see the whole image with my eyeglasses.

Of course the menu system is familiar, being the same firmware as my E-M1 II

The new exposure comp button is kind of weird. With the mode dial set to aperture, the usual controls between the front and rear dials work as expected. But if I pushed the exposure comp. button I had to use the 4 way controller to change the aperture setting and the compensation……… maybe I'm missing something here.

I expect it can be mapped to do something else if required. There's always been this function available as a customisation and yes, it does light up the up/down, left/right arrows. Can be handy when your dials are doing something else, or if you just want to race up or down the whole shutter speed range really quickly.

I'll pass on this one, I think. Repurpose to full time focus peaking or some such.

The new dedicated ISO button is very handy...hooray.

I'd probably end up repurposing it to what I usually have on that position as I find ISO easy to get at via the SCP.

There is only one custom function "C" on the mode dial. However when I went to the set/reset in the menu there were C, C2, C3, so I'm assuming that there is a way to scroll through the "C's" to select the one you want.

I read something somewhere that seemed to indicate that.

I shot a C-AF (low burst electronic shutter at 10 fps) and of the 22 images while following a car on the road outside the store (speed about 45mph). solid focus lock on all but 2 images even with other cars and a light pole inteveening. About par for my E-M II

Nice to see that the in-camera fisheye correction for my 8MM Pro FE worked perfectly as I often use my E-M10 II with the 8mm FE as a wide angle shooter (but no FE correction in the 10.2)

All for my short hands-on.
Bottom line...…. no baddies, but not much new WOW either.

I suppose some of the stuff would be more of a wow for people who don't have an E-M1 Mark II (or E-M1X) though.

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