Canon 80D / Hensel Wireless Strobe System Help!

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Re: Canon 80D / Hensel Wireless Strobe System Help!

DPReviewLogin1 wrote:

Interesting screen name

My wife has a Canon D series Mark II camera that was new back in 2004 (I don't recall the if it was a 1d 2d, etc.) Regardless, she used that camera in conjunction with her Hensel wireless monolight kit.

The camera talked to the monolights via the Hensel Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitter, which connected to the camera via the camera's hot shoe and the Wizard plus also has a sync cable that attached to the side of the camera. However, the 80D does not seem to have a sync port anywhere...??? Seriously? Or are we missing something?

We never considered that a 15 year newer $1000 Canon camera wouldn't be able to connect to her strobe kit. (It was a Christmas present I got her, what can I say. I didn't research it very well, lol).

Has nothing to do with 15 years newer or the cost. The 80D and 1D/5D II are not marketed at the same group of people. The 1D/5D series is a FF (or APS-H) pro body so Canon assumes a sync port is something portrait photographers would need. The 80D is a crop sensor body (assume you know how this will affect your effective field of view) aimed at enthusiasts & hobbyists, not necessarily pros that need all the same features.

So how do we get the camera and her strobe kit to talk without having to rig some some optical flash sync garbage?

Is there some nifty built in thing in the 80D that magically syncs? Is there some sort of shoe adapter that has a sync connector we can purchase to connect the wizard transmitter to?

Any solutions would be appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.

I'm guessing someone can chime in and tell you for sure, but my guess is you'll need a wireless transmitter to trigger the monolight. There's nothing built-in to the 80D to trigger it. The 80D built-in flash can be used to trigger certain Canon speedlights and 3rd party flash, but most likely not your monolight.


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