Buying an APS-C body instead of new lens

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Re: Buying an APS-C body instead of new lens

GF wrote:

I own A7 M2 and a 24mm f1.4 GM. I found that in some situation, the lens is a bit wide. I am considering to buy a 35mm f1.4. After seeing the APS-C mode, I am thinking of getting a APS-C body instead of the lens. The reasons are as follows:

1. Body is cheaper than 35mm f1.4 lens

2. Have a backup camera.

3. Weight is lighter than the lens.

4. My other lenses (16-35mm & 55mm) focal length increased.

5. Higher resolution compare to my A7M2 crop.

Any drawbacks? Please share your idea.

The Sony APS-C cameras are a bit less user friendly than the FF models (fewer wheels and buttons and somewhat limited menu options).

Have the a6300 mostly for the opportunity to go compact and light, but also to add some resolution to my 100-400 + 1.4x TC (resolution increase 1.5x linear, 2.25x by area compared to my A7III). Handy option when wanted or needed.

However, would not replace my A7III with any APS-C camera.

The idea makes sense.

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