E-M5 Mark III feature discussion

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various thoughts
  • I think it's great that it records 4K *uncropped*. Panasonic's G95 dropped the ball in that respect. I'm also curious to know how good the 1080p is. I was underwhelmed by 1080p on my EM5.2.
  • As far as stills goes, the EM5.2's relatively slow start up time was an annoyance so I'd like to see tests on how fast it starts up.
  • Touch-screen access to focus point control is a good addition.
  • Placement of the AF-E / AF-L button looks to be much better. The Mk2 had its button far too close to the EVF, making it awkward and uncomfortable to press and hold frequently. Mk3 looks to have a decent amount of space between that button and EVF.
  • SCP - hopefully you can now change settings on this menu via the touch screen. With the Mk2, you could select items by touch but to change their settings, you still had to use physical controls.
  • I also hope there's more flexibility when it comes to assigning functions to the shutter half-press and AF-E/AF-L button. On the Mk2 AF-L could only be assigned to one or the other, not both at the same time.
  • USB charging is great.
  • Losing two of the top plate func buttons is unfortunate.
  • I like the deeper grip but would prefer an even deeper one which would have allowed for a bigger battery, too.
  • Still not a fan of no built-in flash.
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