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Re: E-M5 Mark III feature discussion

Jeff wrote:

Here's why I may actually buy this as a backup to my EM1x ...

  • small and light, great for when I don't want to haul around a larger body
  • 10fps with full autofocus and tracking, plus pro capture. Two features I enjoy on the larger body.
  • OLED viewfinder
  • same waterproofing as the X. I'm frequently in boats and kayaks, good for that.
  • UHS-II card slot ... I'm surprised no one is talking about this. Very nice step up.

I wish it did have USB-C and an on-board charger. But overall a very nice step up from the EM5.2 to the EM5.3. I'll probably wait until late spring, then pick one up as a backup/second body for the summer shooting season.

I think they said it does have on-board charging, didn't they? Not USB-C though. I was surprised at the former because I didn't think the BLS-50 had ever been used with in-camera charging before, so I'd assumed it perhaps couldn't take it.

(Edit): these threads are so active, I keep accidentally repeating what other people have posted whilst I'm typing.  And I'm a fast typist too!!

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