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Re: E-M5 Mark III feature discussion

For me, the most interesting part is the switch to an OLED viewfinder.  Finally, an Olympus splash proof camera that I can use in both rain and sun (due my needing to wear polarized sunglasses, and the TFT LCD screen of the E-m1 mark I/II, and E-m5 mark I/II have problems with polarization).  I have a Panasonic G85, but having used Olympus since 2002, I tend to prefer Olympus over Panasonic.

Since I have cameras with both BLS and BLN batteries, I don't care about the change of the battery type.  I do wish there was a battery grip for the few times I need to shoot for long periods of time (particularly video where I want to capture the whole show as one take, and later parcel it up into smaller pieces).

It is good that it provides USB charging, but I will be interested to see if it can charge the battery while shooting and/or power the camera with external USB sources.

One thing that I can't tell yet is whether Olympus has removed the 30 minute limit for video, since the tariff in Europe that mandated it has been eliminated this year.  If we could officially power the camera via USB and shoot 1.5 hours of video uninterrupted with it, the G85 might be demoted to b-camera for the few video shoots I do.

It would have been nice if it had a headphone jack in addition to microphone jack.  Ah well....

Frankly since I don't yet have a large supply of USB-C gadgets, having it be micro USB-B is not a problem.

In terms of video, I wonder when I will need to upgrade to UHS-II cards instead of the cheaper UHS-I cards I currently use.

Unfortunately, my local store is having a sale this weekend, but they cancelled the Olympus spot.  I have to imagine the main rep (Andy) might have had other conflicts.  I guess I'll have to wait to try it out in person (even if Andy could make it, I suspect with the timing, he wouldn't have a demo model).

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