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EM5 III vs ....

Ok I'm sitting here recovering from Pneumonia so doing anything besides typing exhausts me (and I'm bored out of my mind to be honest). Might as well talk about the camera dejour, the EM5 III (EIII for briefness).

I've got more m43 cameras than anyone should have so I might as well compare it to what I have and see if there is any way I could make a case to add it to my existing cameras or replace one or more of them.

Here we go:

GM1 - no point in comparing. The GM1 is a camera so different from any current m43 there is just no point.

EPL7 - My small camera for use with prime. The GM1 has no IBIS so I grab this when I want a small camera to use with a small prime like the 20 1.7. Somewhat like the GM1 it is different enough that it really isn't fair but let's try. The EIII has a better sensor and better IBIS. and a built in VF. The EPl7 wins on compactness. Seems like the EIII wins but there is the all important price aspect. I paid $250 for the EPL7 new with a kit lens (yes I got a steal). The EIII is almost $1K more. The EPL7 doesn't seem so bad anymore, but probably not the best good comparison.

EM10 III - EIII wins for better sensor and better IBIS. In reality both of these are rather small wins. 20MP is better but not hugely and makes no difference unless you print big. I've found the IS on this camera to be plenty sufficient. The extra stops of the EIII really just usually gets you into territory where the problem is not camera shake but subject motion. The VFs are similar. The tilt screen is a big win for the EM10 III in my book but I know this is personal preference. Almost identical body shape/size. Now the all important price factor. I got the EM10 III for $329 on sale on the Oly refurb site with the 14-42 PZ lens (could not pass that up). So about $900 difference. There isn't $900 difference in these cameras.  The new cost difference is $750. Still way too much o justify.  In the end these cameras just aren't that different for my uses.

G9 - Ok now were on similar playing fields. To me the G9 wins every way I look at it. It has all the features on the EIII with a better VF and better body. Yes it is a bit bigger, but neither is a pocket camera and having owned an EM5 I and EM10 III, I know it is way more comfortable to hold and use. Paid a little over $1K a year ago. Not the cheapest m43 camera I have bought obviously, but probably the best overall and I feel good value for what you get. Only thing the EIII has going for it is a slightly smaller body but that entails a whole other set of compromises.

GX9 - Admittedly a camera I didn't get along with initially due to me being left eye dominant. A RF camera is always going to be a bit of a struggle for me. After some time and adding the grip I have come to generally like the camera and found it a good compromise of size and capability. Very similar cameras from the specs. RF vs DSLR style is just different not better or worse. RF style is less tall and easier to pack. In the end these 2 are very comparable. The big difference is price. I bought mine used at a good price, but they are $799 new with a kit lens. $400 less and you get a decent kit lens. I don't see $400 and the cost of a lens more camera in the EIII.

I'm sure many are doing a similar exercise in their heads trying to figure out if the new camera is worth buying for them. This was mine for what it is worth.

I'm sure some will yell I'm biased against Oly. Look at the list. I currently own 2 of their cameras (and have owned an EM1 I and EPL1/2 in the past). I own several of their lenses including a few Pro models. So I use their products and like the ones I own. I have noticed that with the exception of the EM10 III, all of my Oly cameras and lenses were developed several years in the past. I haven't seen anything out of them lately that makes sense to me. I'm not faithful to or against any brand. If they make good products at a competitive price I'll give them a shot. I just don't see that in the EIII.

I'm curious how others similar thought experiments came out for them.

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