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cortex95x wrote:

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cortex95x wrote:

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Fortunately,or unfortunately, I use the RRS large ..55 ballhead with clamp. But I've decided to give the Small Rig L Bracket a go, and have ordered one. Perhaps they've improved their dovetail but, regardless, I'll report back when I have received same and have had a chance to try it out.

I'll be interested. If you find the clamp has a lot of resistance, I suggest not forcing it closed.

Good Morning Jim,

I've received the Small Rig L-Bracket, as well as the screw/knob type RRS Ball-head mount. The Small Rig works well with both the Lever closure and Screw/knob mounts. I guess that I could have saved a few bucks and kept the Lever closure, but in reality I feel more comfortable with the screw down method.

Here are a few—IMO—differences in favor of the Small Rig, as opposed to the RRS plates.

1. Small Rig (SR) is modular, the vertical attached L portion can be removed.

2. The entire bracket is much lighter and thinner than the RRS.

3. The camera mounting portion has protective rubber inserts.

4. The vertical, L extension is drilled and threaded to allow for the mounting of various accessories.

5. Like the RRS, the SR has a magnetically mounted flat head screwdriver to facilitate installation to the camera base.

6. In support of RRS, however, their finishing is somewhat superior and the plate felt like it could support a small automobile (LOL), but the SR is half the price and will do the job without marring the camera's surface, and does not require the installation of adhesive strips.


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