What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

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Re: What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

Lloyd O'Daniel wrote:

I don't remember the guy's name and it's not worth it to look it up. It is alluded to on their forum if you are that interested. Anyway, my opinion is based on my own experience with both Mac and Windows versions.

The Luminar 3 initial release was the buggiest, most incomplete software I have ever seen and my first computer was in 1981. The DAM is a big part of it. It was promised for 2018 and, to their credit, they made L3 (2019) free because I guess even they were ashamed. It's still largely unusable in its current form and is really not a DAM. It's still buggy if you do any heavy edits, at least on Windows. They have continually moved the goalposts on the feature roadmap. They made a promise for no paid upgrades for 2019, but weaseled out of that by calling L4 a completely different app. And it is. Instead of placing their apparently very limited programming resources on fixing L3, they shifted their priority to L4 and AI eye-candy. Small software for small minds. Great for the 1-click gimmick crowd. This has taken priority over fixing L3 and adding features promised for the 2018 and L3 versions. They claim they will still update L3 with *some* of the promised functionality, but that has been pushed back to next year in favor of their new cash cow gimmick. For me, they have lost credibility. But, it's your money.

I liked the concepts of L2018, but it crashed every few photos I tried to edit. For the free upgrade to L3, all I ever got was a spinning ball. I guess the DAM part launched automatically, I couldn't stop it, and I never got to try the program with its new additions because things never progressed beyond the spinning ball. Possibly my Mac and OS was too old for L3  (using El Capitan).  Eventually I got Flex, which was L3 without the DAM.  I'm guessing L3 was such a failure that Skylum had to remove the DAM, thus ended up with Flex.  I've been using it ever since with no problems at all, and I like it a lot, it never crashes. I download all my photos into Apple Photos, and that works well enough for me as a kind of DAM.  I probably don't even use Photos to its fullest capability, it's just where the photos stream into when I download from my cameras.  I don't know what to expect from L4.

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