What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

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Re: What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

Paul Barnard wrote:

CMCM wrote:

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mangurian wrote:

True, there is some Sh*ty SW out there, but I have seen enough Luminar videos (third party) and finished photos to know that it can be a real time saver and produce excellent results when used by skilled hands.

Yeah, get back to us when you actually have and try to use the software. Relying on infomercials from compensated shills and sycophants doesn't cut it. (Even one of the main "ambassadors" has gotten conscience and recommends not to buy L4.)

Which ambassador?

I have bought 2 versions of both Aurora HDR and Luminar and neither currently reside on my computer.

What did you dislike about them?

You are right: there is sh*tty software out there as well as sh*tty companies. Making promises over a two year period to get people to invest then not delivering and now actually abandoning said promises for another paid upgrade going in a completely different direction meets the definition of the latter.

What promises? About the DAM?

the big failure is of course the DAM. A lot of people, myself included, bought into Luminar 2018 with the promise of a DAM. That promise was never delivered and the paid upgrade to 4 makes a lie of their promises to everyone who jumped in to get the DAM.
The other issue has been windows/OS X parity. Luminar on Windows has always lagged in terms of features and performance. Skylum was of course Macfun in a previous life so it’s not a surprise that the Mac got first bite of the cherry.

Skylum has already confirmed functional parity between windows and OSX for 4. They are extending their catalogue but it is still far from a DAM. That remains the broken promise and for sure some people are still torqued about being suckered by that promise.
For me personally, I find Luminar to be my go to editor, I do have the full Adobe CC suite, latest DXO, latest CaptureOne plus all the Topaz tools. It’s the simplicity of use for ‘normal’ editing that I like. It’s also fast on my, admittedly high end, Apple computers. I’ve also shifted to using an independent DAM which lets me launch any of my editors directly and gives me full control of my catalogue.

i won’t use products with a subscription service as I can’t deal with the idea of losing access to my edits if I stop paying the subscription. That’s a dilemma many people still using CS6 are about to face.

I guess I haven't been all that aware of the issues since I don't use a DAM and I'm not all that interested in one.  I do download my photos into Apple Photos (which I guess qualifies as sort of a DAM), and that works well enough as a way to view photos.

Yes, the dilemma of the CS6 is my big issue.  I'm determined to keep using it, so I've kept my two 2010 Macs to El Capitan, although I just experimented with loading CS6 onto my 2016 MBPro running High Sierra.  It surprised me, but it did appear to load without a hitch.  After loading from my original install disks, I was also able to do the updates on it to bring it to the final version.  I thought Adobe might stop me when I entered the serial #  since I already have CS6 on two computers, but putting it on this third computer didn't seem to cause a problem.

I downloaded several trials, I think I had DXO and maybe something form Topaz, but I was busy and didn't get the full benefit of the short trial periods.  I'm still curious about Topaz for the denoise filter, although I wonder if it's better than Luminar's denoise.  I am still looking at other possibilities but nothing seems to totally replace Photoshop.  Luminar is the closest, and I wanted it mainly for the newer filters that PS doesn't have, such as dehaze, clarity, etc.

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