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Re: Phase detect auto-focus

Chris R-UK wrote:

Brent Lossing wrote:

The big thing missing for me from the previous versions of the EM5 is the ability to shoot in near dark in the wilderness. Night shooting in the city is no problem because of street lights. The 4/3 E3 I had could shoot wonderfully 2 hours before sunrise. With the EM5-I/II I have had to wait until 30-45 minutes before. It is really a big difference when shooting.

All of the other features of the E5II I already am very satisfied with - if I want more resolution I shoot panorama, if I want more dynamic range I shoot in burst +/I evf. I use a tripod 70% of the time so handholding is not a big deal.

Can OSPDAF focus in lower light than CDAF? I thought that Panasonic’s DfD system had the best low light focusing.

Note that on the E-M1.2 (and I assume the E-M1X) PDAF is only used for C-AF. S-AF uses CDAF.

@Brent. I understand the Mark III will have improved noise control so that ISO 6400 is now like ISO 1600 in the Mark II. Do you think that will compensate for those 2 hours?

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