Buying an APS-C body instead of new lens

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Re: Buying an APS-C body instead of new lens

15 years ago I was contemplating adding a digital camera for work purposes to my MF and 35mm film systems. I didn't feel like spending the thousands of dollars on a FF digital body so I decided to try an APS-C body since I didn't know if I would stay with digital.

Over time I found the APS-C rig being used more than my film rigs mostly because it was much more convenient to process, print and deliver digital files than film based work. I found that APS-C suited me for the vast majority of the work and I could always rent a FF digital body if I felt the need so I never bothered to purchase a digital FF body.

For me, another benefit of renting digital FF when I felt the need was I could get the latest and greatest body and lenses without tying up a bunch of money in purchasing technology that changes somewhat rapidly.

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