Where are the G1X III users

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Re: Where are the G1X III users

I used to shoot for a living but have been without any camera at all for several years now.  I recently purchased a 2nd hand G1x 3 for a hiking trip to Peru, did not want to lug (or buy) an SLR and I previously enjoyed the original G1x in a similar capacity.

I'm back now and reviewing the photos, they are fine nothing wrong with them but I was left a little underwhelmed at the sharpness myself.  I had a custom function set up with manual focus at HFD ((widest FL) and used this setting in combination with my usual AV mode and adjusting on the fly.   The trip did not really allow me to stop and take time on an image so it was really grabbing as we went and in the end I found myself using my iPhone 11 pro max more and more and being very happy with the results!  Slightly ashamed about that

I am going to do some semi-scientific tests at the weekend on a tripod but my current gut feeling is that either I got a weak copy or the lenses on these things are maybe not the best at the widest setting.  Or maybe my expectations were just unrealistic?

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