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Re: E-M5 Mark III feature discussion

dibe wrote:

Even though many here seem quite underwhelmed about this camera, I am very interested. I have the Mark II and the higher resolution, the much better AF and 4K video are exactly what I am looking for. So I am interested in information on this camera.

However, currently is very hard to find the really (for me) interesting comments among all the threats complaining about all the things this camera is not and all the mistakes Olympus is making.

So I am hoping to start a thread on what this camera can do with people that are interested rather than what this camera can not do with those that are not interested. For example: Looking for pointers to interesting reviews, discussion on known features and how usefull they might be. Maybe also some comments and experience from E-M1 users as the E-M5 III seems to inherrit many features from it.

I think you know if this thread is for you or not. And if not, move along, nothing to see here (note the smily, no offence meant!)

As I said, for me the higher resolution, the new AF and the 4K video are some of the interesting parts. Has anyone see a good review of the 4K video capabilities yet?



For me, it’s the attraction of having almost all of my E-M1 Mark II’s features in a tiny, light body for when I need that. I am hoping the price may move down soonish though that doesn’t tend to happen with Oly UK.

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