Did Olympus totally mis-read what photographers want?

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Did Olympus totally mis-read what photographers want?

There should be no question, I am a huuuge Olympus (M43) supporter, happy Olympus camper bla bla bla.......so please do not flame me....BUT,

The boring new EM5 MKIII Olympus media Release

While back I posted an open "question" about camera pricing. Some interesting comments, worthwhile to go read. Not stated in my question but I was hoping to see more feedback on the many models we see and the associated pricing evolution. Sony for example created a complete mess on pricing adding/launching so many models in short succession that it destroys pricing and product positioning.... How do you price a new RX100VII if the previous model is still "new" and already priced at the top of the segment. Not only that previous RX100 V is still basically new and selling.... Not even mentioning the A6XXX range, a total mess....

Olympus has been doing the same thing, releasing new model after new model using the same 12MP sensor (EP1, EP2 & EP3) and many more 12MP iterations, then it was the many many 16MP iterations and now the same thing seem to start with the 20MP sensor....

So I guess the question is....Olympus do we want another 20MP camera including functions taken from the EM1.2 and maybe next year another 20MP EM10 MIV with functions from the EM1X.....when will this stop?

Have you not noticed:

- The POSITIVE reaction on the EM1.2 V3 update - concept of rewarding loyal users...

- People LOVED the Pen F concept - why just let this concept fall?

- People would love the ability to create share color profiles (Have you done a good job developing this user segment?)

- Maybe being the manufacturer with the best editing software / social media interface, crop factors, so many examples would really kick start your offer or did you completely handed this over to mobile phones?

- Did you really think another 20MP unit will be thee answer?

This week I was invited to be a part of an Audio social media image/video project as one of the event photographers. I am an older guy.....and watching a bunch of young highly professional photographers (all with Sony's plus one Black Magic 6K & RED) at work, how they prep, create and at the same time stay active on social media was so exciting and inspiring....

Equipped with my EM1.2 I did my thing and loved it. Great results in my opinion plus I am comfortable using the camera. I had only ONE feedback - "Why are you NOT using your A7 MKIII, you know we can do nothing with the Olympus files......" That hurt....

I am happy to defend my brand and even work harder to show that the results are great but if Olympus continue to go head on with the XT30, A6600, M6 II, Nikon 50 like they did it in the past and refuse to accept that specs and using the same sensor for years does not make us competitive.....then maybe its time to change..... If on the other hand I could have high quality jpeg files with my unique color profiles ready for social media while on the go I would be able to achieve results no mobile can.....

BUT no....lets build another 20MP camera with some of the already great EM1.2 features in the new EM5 MKIII.... My advice to potential buyers.....go look for a 2nd hand EM1.2....


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