Transfering 35mm negative to digital form? Some more information about this?

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Re: Transfering 35mm negative to digital form? Some more information about this?

Andreascy wrote:

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Andreascy wrote:

Thank you very much for the answer. unfortunately i have all kind of lenses and i am missing the macro lens) if i had a macro lens maybe i could try this method with camera.

I looked at your Gear List. All you need is a set of inexpensive extension tubes ($30?) and a 58 mm to 62 mm step-up ring for your 50/1.8G lens.

i am giving you an example of a an image i scan using my flatbed epson 3200.

No offense, but that is either not a sharp original or not a very good scan. You will do a lot better with your 50/1.8G lens + extension tube + ES-2 + step-up ring on your D700.

You will throw out your scanner after you see the results from the above suggested outfit.

hello jeremy. thank you very much for your suggestion. i strongly believe that the images are not clear. I will wait the images will come from the Nikon F2 that i am testing now. by the way i didnt now about extension tube but i will still need the ES2 and thats is costing a lot. I dont have negatives for appearance just i made this all for fun, and if will cost a lot i will not go for it.) thank you

ES-2 was expensive for being as simple as it is. ($140) But it is very well executed, as you'd expect from OEM Nikon gear. Add $30 or so for the extension tube, and it is not a super cheap solution, but it IS a high quality one.

Here's what we can do: Take a strip of negatives that you think are sharp and scan them the best you can. Then, mail that negative strip to me, and I'll do the same. We'll both post our results. That will either confirm the negative is not sharp, (in which case you can rest easy that your scanner is not necessarily the limiting factor) or that the negative IS sharp. Then, based on the results, you can decide how to proceed. I'll mail the negative strip back, of course.

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