First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

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Re: First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

I restarted my photography hobby recently with a similar set of gear.  I did end up buying the 12-40 and it's an amazing lens, but as others have mentioned, probably a bit overkill.

I personally would strongly recommend the 25/1.8 or 25/1.7 Lumix.  Depth of field control is such an important early photographic concept and it's also a lot of fun, it's a reasonably priced and high quality lens, really you can't go wrong.

Very personally, I feel like the 17/1.8 is an amazing lens to handle and feel, and the manual focus clutch is wonderful, but it's very ... Grown up?  It's kind of ideal as a FOV for an almost documentary or photojournalistic look, great for travel.  If she is shooting lots of half portraits or groups of people then go for it, but for me I would lean towards the 25 if she's taking random, interesting still lifes etc.

Another thing to consider is other cheapie manual focus lenses.  I got the 7artisans 25 and 50 and they are very fun to use, I am even thinking to add the 12 or 7.5 fisheye.  Let's not forget, these are toys!  And more buttons/knobs/rings are great especially at a low price and where absolute critical sharpness is not needed.  Manual aperture and focus is also a great thing to learn.  And they're amazing for video, they have a very nice character to them, I find.

One last suggestion - filters can be a lot of fun, especially a soft focus / halation.  It's got a limited set of uses, but I have found playing with the marumi soft fantasy filter quite enjoyable, and it forces you to consider light sources within the field of view. And they're cheap (relatively) assuming you don't go for a full set of Tiffin pro mists.

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