First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

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Re: Enough already, let her enjoy the experience ❤️

Marty Lo wrote:

Jeff wrote:

barbara j wrote:

Marty Lo wrote:

When it comes to weatherproofing it's a yes and it's less stress for both of us. However who doesn't like light and compact.

As to focal length she just seems to pick up whatever and snap away. Currently, all her shots are taken in aperture priority with the exception of sports. ISO is left at 200 or Auto. The only settings she is adamant about is usually during post processing (I'm a fan of machine learning, she abhors it).

I probably should take her into the store again to try them out, that's how we picked out the camera in the end.

How can she experience the joy of mastering something new if you insist on doing all of the learning and all of the leg work for her. This is her camera, her creative outlet, i think you might be trying too too hard to “improve” her experience. Sounds like you are trying to direct the post processing as well.

It is very hard when you love your child so much and you want the best for her but in this case, I think, and this is probably just me, but I think you need to back off and let her ask for your help and then only give the help that is requested. Otherwise, the images she produces will be your images, she will smile, but she will not value them.

You do sound like a wonderful father, just a little over enthusiastic 😄

Did you look at her photos? She's doing all right, to put it simply. She's 9, and dad is just trying to keep up.

If I took even a modicum of pride in my artistic talent (hey zero is still a number) I probably would avoid this forum. I’m pretty sure I’ve failed at every art project in my schooling. The only hope I have in producing a pleasant photo is through the marvel of machine learning and massive data sets, namely an iPhone and that nifty algorithm button.

I simply explain more technical concepts to her in simple terms so she can do what she enjoys, I don’t have the faculties to decide looks right.

That just gave me food for thought...I taught her the basic physics using a common sport (grappling) to us.

Photography might just be a good entry to painless lessons in trig, log, exp even calculus in the future...awesome.

The only constraint I place upon her photography is situation awareness whilst shooting (cars, cliffs etc)

Photography is absolutely full of lessons in physics and, if you think about visual perception, biology, too. One of the best introductions I've seen are the course notes for CSE 178 at Stanford,


On perception:

This would be way overkill for a 9 year old, but I could see some of this material entirely appropriate for a middle school or high school science level course.

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