Which post production Software/App is good for Raw?

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Re: Which post production Software/App is good for Raw?

sluggy_warrior wrote:

fferreres wrote:

It's a shame there's no RAW editing encapsulation that would allow one to continue to use RAW in other programs after modifications, forcing you to save as other formats for example, and not be able then to go pack...ie. as if everything was a plugin of everything else of sorts. A universal modification format.

Most programs are non-destructive (LR, darktable, ...). They save the operations and parameters applied to the RAW/JPG in a database and/or XMP sidecar files. There's no shared standard of how the operations are implemented (and they change constantly as the software improve), so it's hard to continue to edit the image in a different program.

darktable does import the sidecar files from LR, obviously only basic operations:

If you stay within a single program/software, you can do whatever you want with the history stack, including copying it to other images (that's how I can batch process photos of an event quickly)


Very good clarification, as my post maybe it wasn't clear. My point is that, for example, Rawtherapee doesn't have layers or local adjustments. For that, you need to get into Photoshop or Gimp. This is not PP, but more photo retouching. And to get there, well, you need a flat PNG, TIFF etc. and after making any modifications, you cannot go back to RT (or any other) and now say...I want to adjust exposure a bit. You need to run the entire workflow of changes forward again.

RT is nondestructive as well, and for developing RAW it can be said to be overkill...it has a bestiality and zoo of options. Once you know it, there's little you can't do.

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