focus peaking on m43 ... how good is it?

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Re: focus peaking on m43 ... how good is it?

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I use peaking on my G7 with lenses as long as an 800/5.6 Nikkor, and it works well enough generally.

However, for more static subjects magnified view is more reliable, so I wouldn't get hung up too much on peaking alone.

I see. And is the magnified view stable enough for focus evaluation when the cam isn't on a tripod but just on a monopod?

of coarse it is, how do you think your images look at 100% on your computer isnt that how you see if you hit focus ? mag veiw is no different.

Well, my computer doesn't shake the least bit when I look at pics at 100%! But as I'm no native English speaker my wording may have been the wrong.
May be I should better have asked: Is the IBIS good enough to provide a sufficiently steady viewing for critical evaluation.

The answer is yes, maybe. I shoot a PanLeica 100-400 on my E-M 1 II and employ both peaking and magnification with good results. I use the lens OIS rather than the IBIS of the E-M1 II because the lens OIS is on full time which gives me a stable view, even before I initiate focus as is necessary if using the Olympus IBIS.

That said, the focus peaking can become overbearing if used in tight, bushy areas, or long wide landscapes.

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