Where do you buy vintage lenses? (actual stores)

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In Australia

In Australia stores with second hand lenses probably exist but I don’t know of any.  Nor do lenses turn up in second hand shops.  The best I have seen is a box of tumbled in camera junk hardly worth rummaging through and no lenses.  One antique store in rural touristy South Australia had just two lenses but this was two more than I have seen anywhere else.

So some come up on eBay but the vast majority seem to just “evaporate” into thin air.

Garage/Estate sales?  Maybe but I suspect that you could spend a lot of time chasing around only to find the odd entry level suspect.

Flea markets?  Lenses? - not where I live - the 50 stalls came in a selection of five varieties - but sometimes there are “old tool” stalls with some useful old specimens - again the general run is old, but cheap and nasty - the pioneers would have starved to death if they only had them to use.

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