Where do you buy vintage lenses? (actual stores)

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Re: Where do you buy vintage lenses? (actual stores)

I live in the Puget Sound region near Seattle.

We're blessed to have two very good local full service photography retailers, Kenmore Camera and Glazer's Camera, as well as a number of smaller boutique photographic services including my favorite, Cameratechs.

Kenmore Camera usually has a pretty decent selection of used lenses across most manufacturers for pretty reasonable prices.  As a side note, just this past week I picked up a Vivitar Series 1 Solid Cat that I've been looking for for a while from Kenmore, so I'm a happy camper at the moment who'll sing their praises haha!

Glazer's seems to constantly have a bit higher prices, but it seems like their used stock is in a bit nicer condition so it's probably a wash.  Their vintage selection is a bit narrower though, mainly focusing on Nikon, Canon, Leica with the occasional medium & large format lenses sneaking in.

Cameratechs is really fantastic with a very large selection of vintage lenses.  They have an ebay store but I'm not sure how much of their stock actually makes it on there.  Pretty much all my OM lenses came from them as well as a few accessories for my OM-1.  They also sell Gordy's camera straps which look quite good on older film cameras!

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