What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

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Re: What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

Martin Haas wrote:

CMCM wrote:

Martin Haas wrote:

Software for those who don't know better.

I feel sorry for people who use it.

Since you clearly must "know better", what software do YOU use?

Capture One.

I have tried all of them. Really.

I print big, the difference shows.

Sorry for my way of talking, I was kinda steaming from some other discussion :/

Well, it works for you and that's great.  But it's expensive, and I can't really justify that cost since I don't print anything large,and what I do is purely personal use.  We all have different needs, in the end.  I didn't like a bunch of the free programs out there (too limited), and I've tested out a couple that seemed more complex and involved than I need.  I think I tested Capture One as well.  I noticed they sell a license, but also have a subscription model as well.  So I have to wonder if/when they will be entirely subscription.  At least Skylum was making a very big deal about NOT going the subscription route.  They were attracting people who specifically didn't want to be tied to a subscription photo editor.

In addition to Luminar, I also bought Affinity, which I like because it has a very similar interface to my CS6, it seems pretty good, but I keep coming back to Luminar for much of what I like to do.  Luminar is something I always use in conjunction with Photoshop.  I'm also resistant to Adobe's subscription model (I've spent a fortune buying various Photoshop versions since the first one), but at least I owned them and could use each version for quite a long time. Now I will need to soon buy a newer Mac with a newer OS, which will force me to give up my Photoshop CS6 and cave in to the subscription....unless I find a total substitute for PS (that hasn't happened yet, but I keep looking).  As much as I like Luminar, I still do a lot in Photoshop and want to keep it going.

Luminar has some really neat features and an interface that set it apart, and I think it's a very clever program, mostly very well implemented, and very easy once you've learned how it works and how to best use it.  I used it intensively over several months with lots of trial and error to really understand its capabilities and get to where using it was easy.

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