What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

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Re: What are your thoughts about Luminar? My first impression is heart heart heart.

lacogada wrote:

Smiles123 wrote:

Luminar 3 was slow. Luminar 4 is fast.

Are you a beta tester ?

Actually, there is no way to know a single thing about L4 as it hasn't been released yet.  I would guess from my own experience with Luminar 3  (I could never get it to work as the DAM would always go directly into a photo collecting loop that never ended, and there was no way to disable the DAM to just use the editing tools) that perhaps L4 addresses the DAM problems with L3 and it supposedly adds a few more editing filters.

Also, I think the L3 DAM did work for some people, just not for me with my 10 year old Mac and less than current OS.

When L3 wouldn't work on my computer, Luminar had just made Flex available, which as I understood it, contained all the new editing tool upgrades of L3 but omitted the troublesome DAM component.  I've used Flex for maybe 5 or 6 months and it works great, and I like it a lot for editing photos.

Luminar offers a lot of "looks" presets, both those created by Skylum as well as 3rd party ones that individuals offer for sale.  For the most part, I've found that the presets are often too overdone, but it's important to know that they initially load at 100% and you pretty much always have to back down that 100% global slider to much less than that to look good.  People who keep them at 100% end up with an overprocessed and unnatural looking image but perhaps not everyone understands they must back off to 90% or 75% etc.  Presets can be great fun to play with, but eventually I mostly stopped using them.   They are mostly useful for people who are less experienced in manipulating photos, so you can choose a particular preset that looks somewhat like an effect you'd like to get, and then you can see what sorts of filters and settings and amounts were used to achieve that look, and use that as a starting point.  As with any post processing in any program, what you do to a photo mostly needs to be very very subtle.  Less is more.

Hopefully L4 will work as intended and be good.  After months of using Flex and getting to understand how it works and how to best use it, I like it a lot, I like the interface, I like the filters and how it all works.  There are some very good instructional videos, although I wish there were a good basic manual.

No reason to bash Skylum because Luminar is an ongoing project and wasn't perfect upon release. In my short experience with the program, it HAS improved.  The price is incredibly reasonable.  I bought Luminar 2018, got a free upgrade to Luminar 3, and also got Flex for free.  If the program were many hundreds of dollars, I'd be unhappy about a paid upgrade to L4 so quickly, but I paid something like $39 for my initial program.  I don't mind paying $59 more as an upgrade at this point.

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