RRS L Plate and GFX100

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I Got it Today

Guys, I got it in the mail today.  I put on the clear stickers to protect the bottom plate as instructed and screwed in the base screw.  Took 1 minute to mount this baby.

Here is what I did though for you PD strap users.  For the bracket to cede up against the GFX100 body, it rests against the left lug.  You have to remove the quick release cord from the lug and attach it to the strap slot on the top of the vertical plate.  That is actually much better than attaching it to the lug.  I left the right cord in the lug and added a cord to the bottom of the L Bracket into the strap slot.  This allows for both classic styles of attachment points.

When I'm walking around with a smaller lens, I can have both attachments at the top of the camera which allows the right hand to remain on the grip and puts the back LCD screen snug against your stomach.

You can quickly attach the right side of the strap to the quick release at the bottom of the plate, which allows you to sling the camera or more comfortably carry big lenses.

I think most of the time I will attach the strap to the top quick release, not the bottom.  But the PD cord at the bottom is out of the way when not being used.

I see no need for QD type straps because the PD cords can be attached right next to where the QD mounts are.  No difference, except that PD straps are better than those heavy QD straps and there are no clangy metal attachments.

The RRS bottom plate adds a nice bit of grip to the vertical grip, but I wish it protruded out even more.  The vertical rail is a little awkward for your left hand, but it is about as good as you can make those things.  Your left hand on the vertical rail doesn't feel as good as on the camera, but hey - there is a vertical rail for tripod mounting!

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