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chipmaster wrote:

Now why is the thrust being led by the most marginal of companies with the smallest sensors, because they were so behind and necessity is the mother of all invention.

or a lack of info (small sensor) and an output jpg that could do the processing in a timely manner

Why the traditional big boys didn't do it, because they were so preoccupied with their market share and competing against their decades old rivals and a classic case of innovator's dilemma.

The article states hdr that wasn’t an phone camera exclusive  one could also say focus stacking, pixel shift, a stitched panoramic file.  So to jump ahead, me personally I want the raw file, what will be nice is more advanced apps that one can program to set shooting sequences, iows an app that can run shooting scripts through the camera.  You are right why have the manufacturers not added more sequences than just hdr and pixel shift.  When will hdr pixel shift and focus stacking work in tandem?  I’m sure the answer is once you code the software for it to work

For one thing are the software companies able to handle it?  Capture one can’t do pixel shift, not great at panorama stitching or even hdr combinations.  While you can’t really blame the camera manufacturer there is no doubt all of their apps are lacking

Yeah press/sports/wedding/nature/hobby they cling to the old, but once the new leaders figure out zoom and low light action who knows.

this is a funny statement because I have to ask, do you even know? What is zoom, what is low light action?

So let's not debate the phones and their quality, what I want to know from you all which of the big old companies will lead in the computational ? The laggards or the big three, I'd say the laggards likely have the most to gain to try, but do they have the resources, or do they partner with a google, or could any of the big three swallow their pride and approach google

what has google done? I don’t want a heavily processed jpg that can only hold up to viewing on a 6” phone with a limited attention span.  Seems like the next major step will be when  Capture One or “that which shall not be named” add these features to their software.

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