Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

effer wrote:

Open mount and availability of 3rd party lenses is great. It promotes healthy competition. I personally don't see a good pancake lens coming from 3rd party. Samyang made good small lenses for FF, but I doubt that they will be interested in making a smaller lens for APS-C. Sony has better capabilities and they should be more interested in making such lens, because it could generate more interest in the system and promote sales of Sony's camera bodies. Even if they don't sell too many of this lens, they might sell more APS-C cameras without cannibalizing any FF sales or RX100 sales.

The problem for Sony- and all first party manufacturers- is that they don't have the scale 3rd party manufacturers do. They can only make lenses for Sony E mount. Sigma and Tamron can make lenses for E mount, as well as EF-M and MFT. This is exactly why Sigma was able to make their excellent F/1.4 APS-C primes for dirt cheap. They can lean on volume to reach the total profits necessary to recoup on their investment. Viltrox is now in the mix too. So that is definitely where future lenses will come from.

I also don't see any need for a separate body with fixed lens. Sony's APS-C is already pretty small and they have a huge line up of bodies that they don't want to discontinue. One single good pancake lens can make a good street shooter from A6600 if you want IBIS to A5100 if you want the smallest possible size and don't want to spend much.

Well the main advantage of making it a fixed lens body is that the lens can be even smaller. The RX1 relied on this- no 35mm F/2 ILC lens comes close. Canon's 22/2 comes close to the X100 23/2 but it's covering a slightly smaller image circle.

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