First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

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Re: First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

Jeff wrote:

Marty Lo wrote:

Jeff wrote:

There are already some good suggestions, so these are just some additional thoughts ...

... your current lenses are not particularly bright. So an f/1.8 lens would be a nice addition to help with indoor and early evening/morning shooting. The 17/1.8 is a good general purpose lens for that purpose.

... If she likes shooting portraits, pets, small features, etc, the 45/1.8 would be a lot of fun.

.... the 60/2.8 macro would also be good for portrait shooting, and also open a whole new world of macro shooting. She would learn a lot about core photographic principles, too.

Has she expressed any particular interests?

So far it's been varied and on advice from a photographer friend, I haven't placed any constraints for her. I have noticed however she loves to shoot with a shallow DoF whenever she could e.g.

Those are sweet examples. I assume "#demonmonkey# must be the younger brother.

That's him.

I took a look at her instagram feed which, for a 9 year old, shows a lot of fun and interests.

From the instagram feed, it's pretty clear that she gravitates towards to portrait shooting, and definitely likes to isolate a subject through selective focus, composition, and lighting contrasts. She knows her subject, which is something that can't always be said about much older or more experienced shooters. This has to be a lot of fun for everyone.

Her brother is hating it, after 3 days he either runs or turns away or mean mugs as soon as he thinks a camera is aimed at him.

Based on what I see in these images, the 45/1.8 would seem like a no brainer. It's a small compact lens at a nearly ideal focal length for portraits and isolating a subject. I used mine for years before trading it on the 45/1.2. You can get them for about $400 new from B&H. The great news is that you can also get it from one of the reputable Hong Kong dealers on ebay for less than $200. It's hard to go wrong for that price.

Another option might be the 75/1.8 that gives even more subject isolation, and is otherwise a terrific lens. It's a little over $500 from ebay, and might be a little too long. This is also a favorite of mine, but it doesn't get as much use as the 45.

I don't own the Sigma 56/1.4, so can't offer first-hand experience, but it is a little less pricey (about $430 from HK) than the 75, a little better focal length, and ought to do a very nice job with selective focus. People on this forum seem to really like this lens.

Hope that's useful.

Sports shooting is a bit more daunting (for the wallet) as we all love grappling and combat sports = mostly limited lighting leads to some scary ISO figures....let's just say it would probably be cheaper to bulk buy lights for the gym than stoop for gear to match lighting.

Btw, best dad ever.

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