First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

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First non-kit lens for a young photographer.

Hi all,

Firstly I'm not a photography orientated guy but have fair technical background and able to research/learn fairly quickly.

I've needed to do this since my eldest child (9) have fallen head over heels with photography.

I familiarised myself with the concepts such as focal lengths, stops/qty of light and can shoot a subject fairly well exposed and focused on subject, they lack any appeal which is fine by me as I'm simply the purchaser, driver, archiver and sometimes settings advisor when light/speed of subject gets a bit challenging.

Recently, I acquired for her an OM-D E-M 5 Mk2 with 2 kit lenses:

1. 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ

2. 40-150mm F4-5.6 R

Along with other improvements to her kit in general such as more comfortable sling, small tripod, spare battery, cleaning kit etc, I'm planning to acquire another lens for her in the near future. Hampered by not having an eye for photography I stuck to reviews and specifications in forming a short list for that fits the budget.

1. 12-40mm F2.8

pros: 1.5-4x more light throughout a focal range she's used to, weatherproof (great where we reside), rated highly by Olympus youtubers(?)

cons: 2x weight of current 40-150.

This one seems to be the easy choice as it's similar yet superior to her current lens in every way except for a near 2x increase in weight and bulk.

The next three are primes:

2. 17mm F1.8

equiv. of ~25mm on Fujifilms that gets raved about for everyday photography

3. 25mm F1.8

equiv. of 50mm. Closest to the eye's perspective. Everyone needs one????

4. 45mm F1.8

Looking at her photo metadata, a lot of her favourited shots were taken between 40-62mm.

They're share common traits being not waterproof but allows > 2x the light again to the 12-40mm. They are all quite compact and seem suitable to have as the lens to leave on the camera ready to go.

To make matters even more complex (to me) I've read that standard lenses are commonly shot with a reduction of 1 stop to the aperture for sharpness and the 12-40mm is equally sharp throughout it's aperture range, so does that mean for optimal use the prime lenses are effective F2.8 lens anyway?

Apologies if I'm way out of my league here, I generally lack an eye for aesthetics and simply thinking in terms I can fathom i.e. amount, duration of light vs amount of signal noise.

Looking forward to your advice.



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